Top 10 tips for concentration in the home office

Top 10 tips for concentration in the home office

Top 10 tips for concentration in the home office

With the advent of the internet, more and more people are turning to freelance work from home. And that’s great… until the neighbor turns up the music all the way or the cat pushes your laptop off the table.

However, more and more people prefer to do work from home rather than hanging out in the office. Colleagues there can be infinitely distracting with their questions like “Can you help me?”, “Are you watching last night’s game?” or “Do you want lunch?”

It’s easier to keep your focus on work on your own. You will not have a boss who constantly hangs on your head, nor annoying colleagues .. So you can relax, even slightly behind schedule.

The lack of stress and the pleasant atmosphere may not be so good when it comes to meeting deadlines. So, lying in your pajamas in bed or on the couch is not the most motivating stimulus for professional success. Except in a profession that is not digital.

Here are 10 tips on how to become a success machine from home without being distracted:

  • 1. Make a morning routine

If you work from an office, getting there in the morning can take you from 20 minutes to an hour and a half, in other cases even longer. In this way you will wake up and feel ready for labor exploits. At home, however, the transition from the pillow to the laptop will take you a maximum of 5 minutes. But that’s not enough to start your day with a brilliant start. Believe it or not, your productivity will increase dramatically if you do a “wake-up ritual”. The only thing you need for this is creativity! Play your favorite song, dance to it while you prepare your latte or a healthy shake … Take a pet, do the postponed workout or enjoy your favorite book… Just do something that makes you happy and only then start with the important tasks!

  • 2. Make a schedule

To stick to the schedule, make an exact program of what, how long it will take you and exactly when you will finish it during the day. With online calendars like Google Calendar, you’ll be reminded when you need to change gears or start new tasks. Otherwise you may lose focus and fall behind.

  • 3. Make a “Home Office”

Just because you’re not in the office doesn’t mean you can’t work from home like in the office. Do not sit where you usually relax – in your room or on the couch, but set aside a special place to work – “Home Office”. To do this, sit in a comfortable chair, put a picture of your family or friends next to the laptop, play a soothing melody and get to work! This will subconsciously make you more productive. Be sure to remind every occupant of your home, even the dog, that you are working and that the situation should be peaceful. You may be at home, but that doesn’t mean you’re home

  • 4. Without social media

Social networks cleverly deceive you because they are designed to make you easy to open and even addicted to. However, this does not work. To be productive, log out of each of your social media accounts and remove them from your internet browser shortcuts. If you’re with Chrome, you can even go into Incognito mode. This way you will be out of your accounts and with each web search the written words will not complete themselves as suggestions. Virtual socialization will wait. Also, keep your phone as far away from you as possible and use it only when needed.

  • 5. Set bigger goals

Successful people always set goals, whether they are for that day, month or year. Even if they don’t make them 100%. Projects always take longer than originally planned, so you often do not achieve what you planned. For this reason, set bigger goals for the day. In the end, you will still be satisfied with the result, even if you did not manage to check all the set tasks. It is very important to write them down, not to keep them in your head, because sooner or later you will forget them. It may seem pointless at first, but in the long run you will realize how useful your notes can be!

  • 6. Choose the most productive time to work

No one sprints at work from morning to evening. It is completely natural for your motivation and strength to have its ups and downs throughout the day. When you feel tired – just repeat the morning routine, and see how you recharge your batteries. When working from home online, it’s important to know when the most productive time is and build your schedule around it. Leave your most difficult tasks for him, and the easiest – for your weaker period. Small successes will help you gain momentum for difficult projects later. And most importantly – do not be distracted!

  • 7. Focus on only one project

Did you know that according to a Microsoft study, the average duration of “focus” in humans is 8 seconds? Shorter than a goldfish. Quite embarrassing, isn’t it? Here’s what to do: The busier you are, the more work you will do. The busy person moves at such a speed that he has the inertia to solve every task that comes his way. However, at home it is harder to achieve, so focus on a project that maintains your high pace. Then the next, the next, and so on. Try framing your tasks with a home timer, such as running a washing machine, dryer, etc. You will be far more focused.

  • 8. Food schedule

Planning daily tasks takes time to complete, and you may always be tempted to change your agenda. So try to arrange your schedule from the night before. Also then prepare what you will eat. Thus, as soon as you wake up in the morning, you will somehow be more formally ready to start the tasks. And more prepared.

  • 9. Take a complete rest

You can sink into tasks so easily when you are in the “home office” that you miss the obligatory breaks and overheat. Just because you work in the building you live in doesn’t mean you have to miss short breaks. Stopping the work process means breaking away from the laptop and desk, not digging into Facebook and other social networks. Instead, do some exercise, pay attention to your homework or take a walk in the fresh air.

  • 10. Set an exact time for the end of the working day

When working from home online, you may be so immersed in your business that you completely lose track of time. In the office, colleagues remind you when it’s time to stop for the day when they pack up and get dressed. So choose the right time and set an alarm. The time for rest in the evening should not be cut to be a machine the next day!

After reading all these super valuable tips on how to be productive when working from home, write below in the comments what was most useful to you.


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